Matthew B. Shoemake

Matthew B. Shoemake is the founder, CEO and President of WiQuest Communications, Inc. Dr. Shoemake most recently served as Director of Advanced Technology for Texas Instruments WLAN Business Unit. Shoemake was an initial team member at Alantro Communications which was acquired for $300M by Texas Instruments in 2000. Shoemake’s tenure at Texas Instruments and Alantro Communications spanned eight years. Dr. Shoemake served the IEEE 802.11 Working Group for over five years in various capacities including chairing the 400-plus member IEEE 802.11n Task Group that is setting the standard for the next generation of Wi-Fi products and chairing the IEEE 802.11g Task Group, which extends Wi-Fi data rates to 54 Mbps. Dr. Shoemake is co-inventor of the high performance option (PBCC) in the 802.11b and 802.11g standards, and he was a lead designer of TI’s IEEE 802.11b compliant processors. Shoemake received doctorate and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Texas A&M University. Shoemake has 23 patents that are pending or issued and is the author of numerous articles and publications.

Board of Directors

Dr. Ronald Chwang (Observer)

Ronald Chwang is the Chairman and President of Acer Technology Ventures, America (now called IDSoft Capital). Dr. Chwang initiated the Acer venture investment activities in North America with the launch of a $40 million “Acer Technology Venture Fund” in 1997. Subsequently, ATV’s investment scope was further expanded after the successful formation of the second fund, a $260 million “IP Fund One”, in May, 2000 together with new investment activities in key regions of Asia Pacific. Dr. Chwang currently serves actively on the board of a number of ATV’s portfolio companies such as Reflectivity, iRobot, Centrality Communications, and WiQuest. He also serves on the board of the following public companies: Silicon Storage Technology Inc., Sunnyvale, CA and ATI Technologies Inc., Ontario, Canada. From 1992 to 1997, Dr. Chwang was president and CEO of Acer America Corporation. Under his leadership, Acer America’s revenue grew from $200 million to $1.44 billion. Dr. Chwang has been with Acer since 1986, serving in various executive positions leading business unit engaged in ASIC products, computer peripherals, and Acer-Altos server system. Before joining Acer, Dr. Chwang worked for several years in development and management positions at Intel in Oregon and Bell Northern Research in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Chwang received his B. Eng. Degree in Honors Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and his Ph.D. in EE from University of Southern California.

Michael J. Hogan (Director)

Mr. Hogan is the President and CEO of SiRiFIC Wireless. Hogan joined SiRiFIC Wireless in September 2002, bringing sixteen years of experience in the Communications Systems IC business with strengths in strategy development and execution, as well as a broad range of managerial responsibilities in profit and loss,

sales, marketing, manufacturing and research and development. Previous to joining SiRiFIC, Hogan was a General Manager at Texas Instruments, a world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies. He had full P&L responsibility for the Wireless Networking Business Unit which generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue in less than two years. Hogan managed a team of 150 and had responsibility for three domestic and two international R&D facilities. He chaired the executive level strategy team to develop an overall portfolio strategy in Broadband networking and led the $300 million acquisition of Alantro Communications in June of 2000, accelerating Texas Instruments’ entry into the 802.11, Home Networking and Wireless LAN space. Hogan joined Texas Instruments after graduating from Syracuse University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

John M. Hughes (Director)

Mr. Hughes retired from Texas Instruments (TI) in May 2001. Since leaving TI, has acted as a business consultant with a primary focus on development and applications of wireless, broadband, and home networking technologies and markets. Mr. Hughes servers on several advisory boards and serves on STARTech’s Early Ventures mentor team. Hughes was Director of Business Development for TI’s Broadband Communications Group from 1997 through May, 2001 with responsibility for identifying emerging network equipments and technologies, for guiding how TI engaged those opportunities, and for developing alliances or investments in these markets. He has worked with TI’s venture capital investment activity and external venture capital arm, Granite Ventures, to evaluate investment opportunities. Major Texas Instruments acquisitions have resulted from his recommendations including Telogy Networks for voice over packet technology, Butterfly VLSI for Blue Tooth technology, and Alantro Communications for Wi-Fi technology. Hughes initiated TI’s DSP development program in 1979. He was responsible for TI’s Token-Ring technology development program with IBM beginning in 1981 and managed the resulting business. Relationship development and management of TI’s SPARC business with Sun Microsystems was added in 1988. These high margin businesses have produced cumulative revenues exceeding $3B for TI. Beginning in 1994, he managed the formation of the broader based Network Business Unit that has become the Broadband Communications Group. This business now includes TI’s DSL, cable modem, voice over packet, wireless LAN, and home networking businesses. Hughes holds five patents. He has Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

About WiQuest Communications, Inc.

WiQuest is a leading fabless semiconductor company that develops complImagen relacionadaete solutions for the emerging ultrawideband (UWB) market. WiQuest’s products are designed to comply with the WiMedia Alliance specifications for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) as well as for Wireless USB applications. WiQuest is a Contributing member of the WiMedia Alliance and an Adopter Member of the USB Implementers Forum. The WiQuest team are industry experts with proven track records in the design and manufacture of high speed wireless OFDM communications systems and bring that recognized expertise to this market. WiQuest was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Allen, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

WiMedia Ultrawideband Technology

WiMedia-based UWB technology enables universal, high-speed, short-range wireless connectivity between many types of digital products. UWB enables the continued migration to high-speed wireless digital communications by specifically addressing the need for a very high-speed, point-to-point wireless connectivity solution. The key benefits of ultrawideband are:

Replacement of the expensive and unsightly cables used to connect consumer entertainment and computing products with a single, low cost, wireless connection.
Extremely high performance streaming media and file transfers.
Simple and easy process to connect devices with each other.
WiQuest is enabling the emerging multi-billion dollar UWB market – “The New Frontier of Wireless™” – with products that capitalize on the WiQuest team’s proven record of building innovative, cost-effective, low-power chipsets.

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